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Welcome to the server!

Before you online shop, the engine donation to monetize by the game servers, which allows you to trade in the gaming market and to sell privileges.

Incredibly easy to install donation system to monetize the project, and any number of game servers.

Donate for Counter-Strike 1.6

The administrators of the store can add products, configure, game statistics, auto rewards, task scheduler, control charting for servers. After the purchase of the privileges, players will instantly get all the flags in the automatic mode. To sell flags access or privileges on server Counter-Strike 1.6 through a modified AMXBans plugin that adds RCON commands to control the playing privileges. Standard plugin to modify is not necessary.

Donate for Hurtworld

With the help of PHP script servers engine, you can easily monetize unlimited number of servers Hurtworld. Players will be able to buy goods in the store and trade resources in the gaming market.

Easy connection of donation, as pirate servers with Query disabled Protocol and the license servers that are monitored by the task scheduler using PHP script.

Donate for Life is feudal

The system for Life is feudal servers is written in PHP and allows you to sell resources through an online store or on the basis of the game market between players. Direct connection to the MySQL database, allows you to automatically receive resources.

Donate for Pocketmine

Professional monetization Minecraft Pocket Edition, database servers, Pocketmine, allows you to sell to mobile version of White List, Sunny weather, night, blocks, kits, players will be able to sell their resources in the gaming market. Full logging. Available personal viewing logs, administrators can monitor all zalogowania events and manage the servers.

Donate for Project Zomboid

Sell bags, clothes for camping, fuel, kits, materials and resources, building tools, paint, crockery, ingredients, fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, alcohol, canned goods and other foods, condiments, products of the highest category, clothes, shoes and other resources.

Donate for Rust servers

Monetization of game servers RUST not when there was so easy! Connect any number of servers! Collect more donation! System increase the loyalty of incredibly efficiently and will increase the interest to Donat on the website. The players will appreciate your attention with the help of automatic awards, task scheduler, and the ability to get the resources on the servers.

Donate for SAMP servers

Add administrators to manage the store GTA SAMP, adjust the price and description of the goods. Game statistics will help to track progress online. Gaming rewards will increase loyalty. The task scheduler will save you from routine tasks and will be able to turn the advertising in the chat.

Donate for Minecraft

Supported servers for all versions of Minecraft with Bukkit, Spigot, MCPC, Cauldron and Vanila servers created on the basis of these assemblies, with various mods and game. To increase user loyalty, the engine has a system of gifts, which on the scheduler and generates resources based on playing time. Players get unexpected surprises, which motivates them a good time on the server and enjoy the game.

Donate for Steam servers

Donation for game servers Steam protocol, allows you to monetize Half-Life and all its derivative mods like Team Fortress, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Left 4 Dead, Garry's Mod, Nuclear Dawn, Call of Duty, Starbound, ARK and many other games and mods.

Donate for Steam servers

Monetization of game servers or when they were not so easy! Download the plugin, upload the MySQL dump into the database and install it on the server. Players will be able on your website to buy the resources and optional to trade on the market.