Answers to frequently asked questions

On the page you can get information on the game in Minecraft, learn how pravitno Privat teritory, get a list of commands on our servers and will be able to see interesting ways to build several automatic farms.

Private regions

  1. You need to create a wooden ax or get it with the command //wand
  2. Arm with an ax, and click the left mouse button the top right corner (1) then pressing the right mouse button, the lower left corner (2) area of ​​the region (Cube).
  3. Open Chat (T)
  4. We enter in the chat command
    /rg claim [region] [user] (or more owners, nicks through the gap)
    That`s all, private area set up.
    Only allowed to have no more than 4 private areas for the player to 300,000 cubic meters each.

Setting regions

  • /rg list - List of all the regions
  • /rg list . - a list of the regions
  • /rg remove [region] - deletion of the region
  • /rg addowner [region] [user] - adding that owns the region
  • /rg removeowner [region] [user] - removal of the owner of the region
  • /rg addmember [region] [user] - the addition of "resident" of the region
  • /rg removemember [region] [user] - removal of the "resident" of the region
  • /rg flag [region] pvp deny - prohibits pvp mode on the specified region
  • /rg flag [region] pvp allow - PvP mode allows for this region
  • /rg flag [region] lava-fire deny - off damage from the lava in the region
  • /rg flag [region] lava-flow deny - disables the "spreading" of lava in the region
  • /rg flag [region] creeper-explosion deny - blast off creeper
  • /rg flag [region] potion-splash deny - off explosions potions
  • /rg flag [region] tnt deny - disables the use of dynamite
  • /rg flag [region] enderman-grief deny - disables the theft of blocks endermanami
  • /rg flag [region] mob-spawning deny - disables spawn mobs (and hostile and neutral)
  • /rg flag [region] fire-spread deny - off the fire from spreading in the region

Commands for teleportation

  • /sethome - establishes the instant moving team /home
  • /home - return to the point of instant moving set on the team /sethome
  • /home [user] - moves on a visit to the player
  • /spawn - brings you back to the starting point of the game world (respawn)
  • /warp [warp] - moves the player to the point before you created on the server
  • /ignore [user] - add a player to your ignore list
  • /unignore [user] - remove a player from the ignore list
  • /ignorelist - list of players to be ignored
  • /time - provides the current time on the server
  • /online - see who is online
  • /msg [user] [message] - send a private message to the network
  • /r [message] - answer to the last private message

Build a reed farm

We build a wheat farm

We build a watermelon farm

We build a mushroom farm