Quick start in RUST

How to start playing RUST?

Want to start playing RUST on the network? Then run
a few simple steps and enjoy the game!

  • Download the RUST client

    To start playing on our project RUST Multiplayer, you'll need to download the game client. Follow the link and download the latest version of the game Rust specially for playing on a pirate server Hardcore Survive.

  • Install

    Install the game in a convenient place on your hard drive. Just run the installer and follow the installation wizard instructions. Go to the root folder with the game, which is Rust.exe look for the file LumaEmu.ini, open with Notepad and on the line "PlayerName =" insert your in-game nickname.

  • Open the servers list

    After installing the game client on the computer start to Rust. In order to connect to the server press F1 and type or copypaste net.connect ipadress:port. The IP of the servers are on the list page servers.


First You will need the original clean version of the game RUST



If you can't login to the game, probably you need to install vcredist_x64.exe and vcredist_x86.exe

x64 x86


After you install the client, go to a page with a list of servers and add any