Server Project Zomboid

This is a zombie survival RPG for Windows, Mac and Linux. At the moment the game is under public technical demo testing and is developed by independent developers, The Indie Stone. Advantages include the detail of the game, strict attention to detail and unique atmosphere, allowing you to take in the game.

Here each detail of the game world - clothes, for example, can break into pieces that can dress wounds. But after some time the dressing is stained, and it will need to be replaced. And this does not exclude blood infection... pwait difficult. Zombie listen and watch. They are silly, but annoying, and therefore always need to be on the lookout.

possidetis will not work. Character wants to eat, drink, have fun. Some required reading. Others enough run.

personage have the psyche. This is a really interesting game mechanics. Suddenly what he saw at the door a zombie scares not only the player but the character may experience a panic attack. Mild or strong. A lot of factors. Some characters are afraid of the dark, others blood, others fear the rooms.