The donation for game servers

Store blocks

Instant buy diamonds, gold, iron, tools, weapons, armor, and other useful resources for game servers

Personals users markets

Trade zone between the players. In the market you can create a store where you can buy them


The teleport machine works even in offline mode, without connecting to the server


Sale resources sets, only works when the player is connected to the server

My items

List of items that have been purchased by you in the shop or in the market from other players

Top of miners

Rating of the richest players in the server. To get to the top you need to have more miners

Buy a permission

Buying VIP group privileges to teleport, pallet or moderator functions

Setting the prefix

You can change your game prefix, choose the color and other parameters on the server Minecraft

Gallery of skins

Gallery and master help skins. Download raincoats available with VIP privileges

Crafting recipes

In this section of the site you can get help on crafting new items from your harvested resources

Account funding

Recharge ruble account. Payment and contact details for

Currency exchange

Purchase and exchange game currency. Exchange miners to useful posts on the forum


The list of players who have been granted temporary or permanent ban on our servers

Paid unban

You ban? We will help you to pay off the server. All penalties shall be canceled


Frequently asked questions and their answers

Server rules

We recommend you review the rules of servers