Server Minecraft survival

For servers you have chosen the standard platform with the latest Bukkit newest version of the Minecraft server 1.5.1. The server allows you to play without installing the launcher and to connect, simply enter the server address and you can play with your friends. On the server, You have the opportunity to build various buildings, structures, and fight for survival. In-game items should be earned — unlike creative mode, You need to produce and craft items.

Minecraft server Survival - this is a standard Survival server, with the best />
plugina Jobs or its analogues on the server no. Making money mainly by selling resources on web market.

on the server, there is adminshop, which is located on the our servers.

Ptak there is a special Mining world, which you can get into through the portal.

To ease of movement on the edges of the cards are built outposts and small towns, in which you can quickly get through the portals to save the world. In all directions from spawn carried out convenient roads that will facilitate the search area.