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Congratulations on the knowledge day

President Raul Khadjimba congratulated students and teachers on the Knowledge Day. The congratulation states, in particular. President Raul Khadjimba congratulated students and teachers on the Knowledge Day.

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We have updated the module crafting recipes

In our store module is updated the crafting recipes, which dobavleny recipes for baking the items for brewing potions. Link to the module inside.

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Improvement shopping privileges

In the shopping privileges to improve the servers, added the background, pictures and links that describe servers.

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We have a new module crafting recipes

In our store added module of the crafting recipes that shows the arrangement of blocks in a workbench to acquire new items. Read more in the full news.

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Day taxi driver

Congratulations with the professional holiday of the taxi driver who all had something to do with this wonderful and interesting profession, we wish You success.

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With international women`s day

Congratulations to all the beautiful half of humanity with international women's day! March 8 is a holiday celebrated annually in several countries as women's day

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Congratulations with the first day of spring

All players of our Minecraft servers congratulations with the first day of spring, we wish You new victories, precise skill and a good mood.

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With the day of defender of the Fatherland

Congratulations with man's holiday, the day of protection of the Fatherland. It is in this day to congratulate all men, regardless of whether they served in the army.

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International water-Boletim day

Congratulations to all Minecraft players who play on our server c world day of wetlands. We wish You high yields in Your vegetable garden.

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Invite administrator

To manage the server Minecraft need a responsible administrator, able to install the server and collect plugins.

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