Server Life is feudal

Welcome to game server Life is feudal is an online survival game. The game is new ideas from DayZ, Minecraft, Stranded, Rust. In the gameplay is the extraction of various resources, leveling and crafting a lot. Chrome starter kit, any object in the game needs to be produced, created from extracted or derived from other players. For example, the Board can get, acting or stone ax to the trees and paint the resulting material, and the meat — the killing of animals.

To survive the player must fight hunger, low temperatures, attacked by wild animals or humans, as well as to avoid radiation. The game has an advanced system for creating objects called crafting, or crafting, a bit similar to the games Minecraft and 7 Days to Die. Initially the player is available only about a dozen simple drawings for crafting, new recipes can be obtain by killing radioactive animals or collecting items from the boxes, players and more rare chests.

pigra motivates players to form groups within which there is a distribution of responsibilities.