Day taxi driver

22 Mar taxi drivers around the world celebrate their professional holiday. On this day in 1907 on the streets of London were the first cars equipped with special counters. London cabbies called the counter "taksimeter" - from the French "tax" ("Plata") and the Greek "Metron" (measure). Since individual urban transport began to call taxi and cabs - taxi drivers.

The first London taxis were green and red. Yellow, which we consider to be traditional for these machines, appeared with a light hand of John Hertz (John Hertz), the founder of the Hertz Corporation.

Taking an old car in payment for a new, enterprising American repainted used cars in yellow and used them as a taxi. Naturally, such a bright car it was easy to see on the streets, and later the practice to repaint taxi in yellow color made it a rule almost all such companies. And yellow will be the classic color of a taxi for the whole world.

Another recognizable symbol taxi was the pattern in the form of a checkered. According to one version, the first of a checkerboard pattern appeared in 20-ies of the last century on the machines of the American company, which borrowed them from racing symbols. He had to attract the attention of customers and encourage them to think about speed of movement.
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